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Sunday, May 22, 2011

What I Had for Lunch Today

 I'm home alone today.  That means staying in my pyjamas, not brushing my hair and eating whatever I feel like for lunch.  So I made this.  It's a piece of homemade bread, toasted and topped with sauteed portabellos that I picked this morning.  No, I'm not a fungus farmer, but I bought three bags of compost from Valley Mushroom last week and they often continue to produce mushrooms for some time if you don't disturb them.  There is also asparagus picked from my very own weedy garden, and garlic I grew last year, and a poached egg from my own hens.  I may drive a really old car, but I sure am rich.


  1. My '98 Dodge Neon salutes you! Here's to saving on one hand, to splurge on the delicious other :)

  2. Nothing says millionaire like homegrown.


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